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Various Uses of Sandstone Column Designs

There are several stones that are used in the design of home columns. Most of the preferred rocks are marble. However sedimentary rock like sandstone can also be used effectively in the design of houses. Sandstone is also made up of feldspar and quartz. There are several types of sandstone depending on where they are obtained with colors ranging from dull to dark brown. Sandstone has a physical structure that makes it easy to decorate and is mainly used indoors because of its beautiful and decorative appearance. The variety of uses of sandstone for both interior and exterior appearance includes:

sandstone column

Interior design

Sandstone can be used limitlessly for many areas of interior design. The main areas that are fashioned using sandstone include window sills, shelves, floor slabs, arches, porches, fire places and any rails. Sandstone comes in a variety of colors which also makes it easier to use it in virtually all the areas without anybody noticing the monotony. Sandstone does not retain dirt and if the rails, for example, have to be cleaned then you will just scrub and polish afresh but that is after a long period of time.

Exterior design using sandstone

Many varieties of sandstone are weather resistant making them resistant toe adverse weather conditions of heat from the sun, rain and wind. Marble, rock and limestone get eroded with time which means that sandstone is a better bet. The exterior features of a house that are often made from sandstone include archways, pillars and columns. The color of sandstone also varies which means that it can be selected in a planned manner and matched with the external surroundings.

The use of sandstone is not limited to interior and exterior design but can also be used to make other sculptors because of its granular design.

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