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Why You Need To Cover Stone Columns

Home improvements have become a very popular trend among homeowners all over the world. Driving through states such as New York and California, you can’t help but notice the many remodeling projects being done, in a bid to improve appearance. Stone columns in particular have become very popular for both interior and exterior decoration projects. The versatility of these columns has made them very popular with homeowners that are not only keen on looks but also value. Unfortunately, many people still do not know how to maintain and take good care of these pillars. Despite the toughness of these columns, covering them can keep them around for much longer. 

stone columns

Covering stone columns has been shunned in many homes wince it sounds like a very involving exercise. Many homeowners in Los Angeles, Chicago admit that they have never found time to maintain their columns since they were installed. What they do not know is that once the columns have been cleared of any dirt or debris, lathering them with mortar will take very little time. This is where you will need the assistance of an experienced remodeling expert. If the mortar is perfectly mixed, it will take just about 24 hours to dry up smoothly.

Improve Appearance & Reliability

Leading stone column manufacturers such as Marvelous Marble Design Inc. always do their best to ensure they manufacture the most durable pillars that will support your home for years. However, allowing dirt and mold to pile around these pillars will not only undermine their inviting look but also threaten their durability. If you need the pillars to be around for quite some time, covering them is the best decision you can make. However, you have to ensure the covering does not mess up the blend of your interior or exterior decor.

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